6 Reasons why a Rice Cooker is Indispensable to your Kitchen?

Rice cookers, sometimes referred to as suihanki or denshijaa were first born out of Japan’s post-war revival. Earlier, people used to cook rice on Kamado, large stoves made to go along with giant pots. Working with these stoves was somewhat tricky, controlling temperature and with that cooking delicious rice was difficult.

Japan’s post-war period left companies scrambling for new materials. Due to lack of money, they accepted rice as the payment. All the war factories were closed down and Japan was left with plenty of electricity but few days to use it.These two main factors would lead to a rice cooking revolution.

This was a quick and short history of the rice cooker, let bygones be bygones. Things that are important to consider are the features of rice cookers. So, here are some important features you need to look before buying one.

Rice cooker features

1. Size: Rice cookers are available in different shapes and sizes. Buy the model that best fits your lifestyle. If you only want to cook for yourself, the small one is better and there is no need for a family-sized rice cooker. But if you have a big family or want to host a party, go for the big one.

2. Choosing the best pot: Not only shape and size but cooking pots also vary. Some of them come with chemically treated, non-stick surfaces for better cleaning. Aluminium is by far the best option. But if you don’t want to have such surfaces, or you really care about your good health, go with a more natural option like steel or clay.

3. Programming and settings: There are many best rice cookers that possess more features than others. Even if any rice cooker is strictly made for cooking rice often features rice cooking settings. Want to make brown rice? Hit “Brown” In a mood of having some Kayu rice porridge? Hit the special button. For better convenience, a clock and a timer are also added to the settings. In fact, some models even feature digital screens for detailed options and settings.

Rice cooker 1

4. Timer: Having a timer in the rice cooker is a must-have feature. You can easily set it before you go to the bed and have fresh rice in the morning.

5. Multipurpose versatility: Now you cannot make any excuse that you have a shortage of time to cook them. Rice cookers have taken the cooking convenience to a next level. You can easily steam veggies, broccoli and can even barbecue some meat and enjoy healthy, home cooked a fresh meal in minutes.

If you wish to cook more than rice, you can go with a standard “rice only” model, but its cooking settings can overcook the food. No worries, nowadays rice cookers are available with multipurpose needs. These extra settings involve cooking soups, stews and even steaming vegetables and meats with a click of a button.

6. Charm Points: No doubt while selecting a product you need to see the shape, size, technological advancements and features but CHARM is another important feature you cannot miss. You can find plenty of options in the market, examine all the options and make a choice.

Breville Panini Press Vs. Cuisinart Griddler: My top pick and why

Hey guys, I have recently talked a lot about stand mixers so let’s switch it up and today I am going to tell you guys about one of the most used appliances in my kitchen, the Panini Press.

There are a lot of options when you start looking to buy a Panini press for yourself which makes it confusing to decide which model is better and which brand would be more reliable.

Let me tell you that Breville and Cuisinart are the best brands for buying a Panini press and it’s not just me but my friends at homeguyd saying this too but how do you decide which one is best for you?

I have reviewed both the Breville Panini Press and the Cuisinart Griddler and here is what I found:

Clean Up

Let’s face it, we all make mistakes sometimes and burn our food by either forgetting all about it or overestimating the cooking time. Whatever the reason is, we are left with a charred mess in the end which we need to clean properly before we can use the Panini press again.

In this aspect, it is much easier to clean Cuisinart model than a Breville model because Cuisinart gives you the option of removable plates which can be then cleaned in a dishwasher while the same cannot be said for a Breville model.

Nonstick removable plates on my Cuisinart

For a Breville model, you would need to carefully wash the plates without being able to remove it and take care that other components don’t get water inside which turns into an arduous task. So, in the matters of cleaning, Cuisinart is the clear champion and will save you a lot of time.

Material used

Another important thing to consider when deciding between the two brands is that which provides you with a better construction and will last longer when used regularly.

The Breville model comes with a non-stick surface which lasts for a long time and doesn’t come off after a month or a year of usage whereas, the same cannot be said for a Cuisinart model.

A Cuisinart model will also include a non-stick surface but this is bound to come off after some time due to getting washed in the dishwasher or because you use a strong detergent to wash it. So, to protect the nonstick material I would advise you don’t dirty your Griddler too much.


Another factor to consider while making the choice between these two brands is that how versatile the two models are. As we already know, Breville comes with a non-removable plate and so we can only use that plate to perform all our cooking whereas, a Cuisinart can use several types of removable plates which allows you to perform various waffle or sandwich recipes with considerable ease. Just swap your plate with the desired configurations and you are all set to grill or press.

making waffles in my Cuisinart Panini Press

Consistent cooking

One of the most important factor when considering which model to buy is that which model provides you with a better-cooked food.

After a lot of tests and research, we found that a Breville provides you with an evenly cooked food whereas, a Cuisinart provides you with an unevenly cooked food as the top and the bottom plates provide different temperature to your food.


There is really not a better choice in between these two brands, it is all about what features are more important to you. Clearly, I am in favor of the Cuisinart as it is more versatile and saves me tons of time on cleaning but if you want consistently cooked food, then go for Breville.

If you have any doubts regarding the products, please contact us here.