Ultimate Guide for Giving Successful Baking Classes

Holding your own baking classes is not easy and there are a lot of important things that new baking teachers often don’t know about. This can lead to disastrous first classes and can create a bad name for your bakery business.

In fact, if you know how to organize and manage baking classes then you can also use it to raise money for various causes and can also use it as a way to advertise your bakery business. We have prepared this guide to help you out in hosting a perfect and entertaining baking classes which will not only be enjoyable for your students but quite knowledgeable as well:

Become an Expert First

First you need to learn the basics of teaching and baking before you start sharing your knowledge with others. A lot of people might be good bakers but might not be a good teacher which is why it is important that you first hone your teaching skills before hosting a baking class.

Practice on your friends and family and take feedbacks on your teaching skills so that you can improve on it. Also, try to attend a few baking classes from other professionals to learn how a baking class is conducted and remember the key points to make your own class successful.

Get to know the Student Group

Next important thing to remember is that making your students feel comfortable is important for conducting a successful baking class. For this, you need some ice breakers which will help you learn more about the students while making them feel at ease at the same time.

Student Group Baking

Focus on what you know

Make sure that you teach your students what you know best and prepare yourself for all kinds of students. Some students might be slow or might ask some really laughable questions but if you want to be a good teacher then try not to lose your cool. Also, be a little gentle when criticising them and don’t be too rigid. Make sure that you praise at least one good dish and then discuss the failures and challenges that the students faced so that they are inspired to do better the next time.

In the mood for Banana Bars!


Understand your students’ capabilities 

After a few classes, you will get a better idea of who is good at baking what. This will help you in preparing a detailed course plan which will focus on these shortcomings and will allow you to turn your students into baking expert.

Apart from that, you can also look at the things which your bakery is famous for and then include those dishes in your bakery class. If your pizzas or cakes are famous all over the city then make sure that you hold classes which teach these recipes to the students.

Understand your student's capabilities

Know your Topic Well

If you are going to teach about pizza making then make sure that you understand the different aspects and styles of pizzas. This is important if you want to share the art of pizza making with your students without making a food of yourself. You don’t have to teach them all the styles or methods but giving them a broad idea on a baking topic will be a great way to kick-start their interest.

Practice a lot

Finally, make sure that you practice a lot before each class. Prepare a baking class plan, ingredients checklist, menu, etc. and then practice it over and over again. Practice it in front of your friends and family or you can shoot a video to analyse if you need to change some tactic.

Make sure that you know the entire class schedule well enough and keep buffer time for any potential mess during the class for a successful baking class.

Practice a lot