6 Reasons why a Rice Cooker is Indispensable to your Kitchen?

Rice cookers, sometimes referred to as suihanki or denshijaa were first born out of Japan’s post-war revival. Earlier, people used to cook rice on Kamado, large stoves made to go along with giant pots. Working with these stoves was somewhat tricky, controlling temperature and with that cooking delicious rice was difficult.

Japan’s post-war period left companies scrambling for new materials. Due to lack of money, they accepted rice as the payment. All the war factories were closed down and Japan was left with plenty of electricity but few days to use it.These two main factors would lead to a rice cooking revolution.

This was a quick and short history of the rice cooker, let bygones be bygones. Things that are important to consider are the features of rice cookers. So, here are some important features you need to look before buying one.

Rice cooker features

1. Size: Rice cookers are available in different shapes and sizes. Buy the model that best fits your lifestyle. If you only want to cook for yourself, the small one is better and there is no need for a family-sized rice cooker. But if you have a big family or want to host a party, go for the big one.

2. Choosing the best pot: Not only shape and size but cooking pots also vary. Some of them come with chemically treated, non-stick surfaces for better cleaning. Aluminium is by far the best option. But if you don’t want to have such surfaces, or you really care about your good health, go with a more natural option like steel or clay.

3. Programming and settings: There are many best rice cookers that possess more features than others. Even if any rice cooker is strictly made for cooking rice often features rice cooking settings. Want to make brown rice? Hit “Brown” In a mood of having some Kayu rice porridge? Hit the special button. For better convenience, a clock and a timer are also added to the settings. In fact, some models even feature digital screens for detailed options and settings.

Rice cooker 1

4. Timer: Having a timer in the rice cooker is a must-have feature. You can easily set it before you go to the bed and have fresh rice in the morning.

5. Multipurpose versatility: Now you cannot make any excuse that you have a shortage of time to cook them. Rice cookers have taken the cooking convenience to a next level. You can easily steam veggies, broccoli and can even barbecue some meat and enjoy healthy, home cooked a fresh meal in minutes.

If you wish to cook more than rice, you can go with a standard “rice only” model, but its cooking settings can overcook the food. No worries, nowadays rice cookers are available with multipurpose needs. These extra settings involve cooking soups, stews and even steaming vegetables and meats with a click of a button.

6. Charm Points: No doubt while selecting a product you need to see the shape, size, technological advancements and features but CHARM is another important feature you cannot miss. You can find plenty of options in the market, examine all the options and make a choice.